Box Thirteen: Hot Box

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Dan Holiday learned about crime as a hard-boiled newspaper reporter, and writes about it as a best-selling mystery novelist. How does he find his plot ideas? He advertises for adventure! Sound like a man you'd like to know? Drop him a note care of Box Thirteen.

Sylvia Picker plays Suzy, Holiday's gal Friday, and Edmund McDonald is the irascible Lieutenant Kling. Film favorite Alan Ladd brings on plenty of swagger as the star of these sixteen punchy radio crime thrillers!

Includes a Program Guide by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.

Episodes Include: The Haunted Artist (Episode # 17); The Sad Night (Episode # 18); Hot Box (Episode # 19); The Better Man (Episode # 20); The Professor and the Puzzle (Episode # 21); The Dowager and Dan Holiday (Episode # 22); Three to Die (Episode # 23); The Philanthropist (Episode # 24); Last Will and Nursery Rhyme (Episode # 25); Delinquent's Dilemma (Episode # 26); Flash of Light (Episode # 27); Hare and Hounds (Episode # 28); Hunt and Peck (Episode # 29); Death is a Doll (Episode # 30); One-One-Three-Point-Five (Episode # 31); Dan and the Wonderful Lamp (Episode # 32).



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