Burns & Allen: Who's The Boss?

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Meet the people who live in the Burns House -- and their many famous friends! George and Gracie are back with laugh-a-minute predicaments, which are both helped and hindered by celebrity guests Marlene Dietrich, Eddie Cantor, Jane Wyman, Kay Kyser, Robert Montgomery, and more!

Ladies' man Bill Goodwin is back as announcer. Gale Gordon is on board as Texas oil millionaire Mr. Judson. Bea Benaderet and Elvia Allman check in as Gracie's gal pals Balance Morton and Clara Bagley. And they are all still as fresh, funny, and absurd as they were when these episodes first hit the airwaves!

This collection includes sixteen digitally restored and remastered episodes from 1948-1949, and a Program Guide by Rodney Bowcock.

Episodes Include: New Mink Coat 02-05-48; Babysitting For Kay Kyser 02-12-48; Keeping George From Making Decisions 02-19-48; Gracie Goes To New Orleans 02-26-48; Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary 11-11-48; Who's The Boss 11-18-48; New Year's Eve Party 12-30-48; George Collects Alley Cats 02-17-49; Gracie Wants George To Be A Doctor 02-24-49; Gracie The Girl Scout Leader 03-10-49; Marlene Dietrich - George Has A Cold 03-17-49; Jane Wyman - Academy Awards 03-24-49; Guest - Robert Montgomery 04-07-49; Guest - Eddie Cantor 04-21-49; Gracie and The County Fair 04-28-49; George On Television 05-12-49



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