Alice Cooper: Original Album Series

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Disc 1: Titanic Overture; 10 Minutes Before The Worm; Sing Low Sweet Cheerio; Today Mueller; Living; Fields Of Regret; No Longer Umpire; Levity Ball; B.B. On Mars; Reflected; Apple Bush; No Longer Umpire; Changing Arranging

Disc 2: Mr. & Misdemeanor; Shoe Salesman; Still No Air; Below Your Means; Return Of The Spiders; Laughing At Me; Refrigerator Heaven; Beautiful Flyaway; Lay Down & Die, Goodbye

Disc 3: Caught In A Dream; I’m Eighteen; Long Way To Go; Black Juju; Is It My Body; Hallowed Be My Name; Second Coming; Ballad Of Dwight Fry; Sun Arise

Disc 4: Under My Wheels; Be My Lover; Halo Of Flies; Desperado; You Drive Me Nervous; Yeah, Yeah, Yeah; Dead Babies; Killer

Disc 5: Schools Out; Luney Tune; Gutter Cat vs. The Jets; Street Fight; Blue Turk; My Stars; Public Animal #9; Alma Mater; Grande Finale



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