Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions: People Get Ready

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Disc 1: Gypsy Woman; It's All Right; Meeting Over Yonder; Keep On Pushing; I'm So Proud; Minstrel & Queen; Little Young Lover; I'm The One Who Loves You; Talking About My Baby; That's What Love Will; Girl You Don't Know Me; A Woman Who Loves Me; Sad Sad Girl & Boy; You Must Believe Me; Ten To One; Dedicate My Song To You; Grow Closer Together; Long Long Winter; I've Been Trying; Amen

Disc 2: People Get Ready; You've Been Cheatin'; Sermonette; Can't Satisfy; I Made A Mistake; Woman's Got Soul; Ridin' High; I Need To Belong To Someone; Too Slow; I Need You; Since I Lose The One I Love; Never Could You Be; Just One Kiss From You; This Must End; You Always Hurt Me; We're Rolling On, Pt. 1; You Ought To Be In Heaven; Nothing Can Stop Me; I Loved & I Lost; We're A Winner

2 CDs   40 Songs



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