Port Issac's Fisherman Friends

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This collection features shanty singers -- each of whom are (or have been) fishermen, lifeboat men, and coastguards  -- from Port Isaac on Cornwall's rugged north coast. At around eight in the evening during the summer months, tourists and locals gather to hear this ten-man group sing a rousing set of shanties and Cornish folk songs. This album, recorded in a 15th-century church in nearby St. Kew, features a rich haul of songs from their Port Isaac repertoire.


South Australia; Sailor Ain't A Sailor; Bully In The Alley; No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues; Brightly Beams/Pull For The Shore; Sweet Ladies of Plymouth; One More Day; The Union of Different Kinds; Shenandoah; Johnny Gone Down To Hilo; Pay Me My Money Down; The Mingulay Boat Song; The Corncrake; Haul Away Joe; The Cagdwith Anthem; Farmers Toast; When The Boat Comes In; (What Shall We Do With) The Drunken Sailor; South Australia (Live); Bully in the Alley (Live); Haul Away Joe (Live); The Cadgwith Anthem (Live)



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