Kris Kristofferson: Gold

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Disc 1: Help Me Make It Through The Night; Me And Bobby McGee; Sunday Morning Comin' Down; The Pilgrim: Chapter 33; Jody And The Kid; For The Good Times; Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again); The Silver Tongued Devil And I; Casey's Last Ride; Breakdown (A Long Way From Home); To Beat The Devil; Blame It On The Stones; Kiss The World Goodbye; When I Loved Her

Disc 2: Nobody Wins; Jesus Was A Capricorn (Owed To John Prine); Josie; Why Me; Border Lord; The Taker; Enough For You; Help Me; It Sure Was (Love); Jesse Younger; Easy Come On; Lover Please; Give It Time To Be Tender; Out Of Mind Out Of Sight; I May Smoke Too Much

Disc 3: They Killed Him; El Coyote; Love Is The Way; Here Comes That Rainbow Again; Forever In Your Love; Lay Me Down (And Love The World Away); The Year 2000 Minus 25; Easter Island; The Sabre And The Rose; Magdalene; Shake Hands With The Devil; The Golden Idol; Prove It To You One More Time Again; Nobody Loves Anybody Anymore; From The Bottle To The Bottom



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