Little Feat: Original Album Series

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Disc 1: Snakes On Everything; Strawberry Flats; Truck Stop Girl; Brides Of Jesus; Willin'; Hamburger Midnight; Forty-Four Blues/How Many More Years; Crack In Your Door; I've Been The One; Takin' My Time; Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie

Disc 2: Easy To Slip; Cold, Cold, Cold; Trouble; Tripe Face Boogie; Willin'; A Apolitical Blues; Sailin' Shoes; Teenage Nervous Breakdown; Got No Shadow; Cat Fever; Texas Rose Café

Disc 3: Dixie Chicken; Two Trains; Roll Um Easy; On Your Way Down; Kiss It Off; Fool Yourself; Walkin' All Night; Fat Man In The Bathtub; Juliette; Lafayette Railroad

Disc 4: Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor; Oh, Atlanta; Skin It Back; Down The Road; Spanish Moon; Feats Don't Fail Me Now; The Fan; Cold Cold Cold/Tripe Face Boogie

Disc 5: Romance Dance; All That You Dream; Long Distance Love; Day Or Night; One Love Stand; Down Below The Borderline; Somebody's Leavin'; Mercenary Territory



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