Michael Shayne: Murder, Prepaid

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Red-hot and red-headed, he's looking for adventure on the mean streets of San Francisco and New Orleans! He's Brett Halliday's hard-boiled creation Michael Shayne.

This rough and reckless Irishman is letting loose in this collection of sixteen pulse-pounding dramas starring tough guys Wally Maher and Jeff Chandler. Cathy Lewis co-stars as Phyllis Knight, with Joe Forte as Homicide Inspector Faraday, and Jack Webb as Homicide Inspector LeFevre.

Includes a Program Guide by Karl Schadow.

Episodes Include: Murder, Prepaid 04-02-45; Haunted House 04-09-45; Date at Cliff House 04-16-45; The Stand-In for Death 04-23-45; Pirates in San Francisco 04-30-45; Murder on the High C 05-07-45; A Date With a Wedding 05-14-45; Murder, RSVP 05-28-45; The Fingerprint of Death 06-04-45; Murder by Sweet 06-11-45; Investment in an Invention 06-18-45; Gossip Writer 07-09-45; The Case of the High Priced Twins 1948; The Case of the Borrowed Heirlooms 1948; The Case of the Mail-Order Murders 1948; The Case of the Phantom Neighbor 1948




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