The Whistler: Murder in Haste

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Everyone has secrets…but some secrets are more sinister than others. And the more malevolent the secret, the more The Whistler knows! Wander the foreboding, shadow-filled streets of the imagination in tales that explore the "nameless terrors of which we dare not speak."

Bill Forman stars as The Whistler, alongside the suspiciously skillful William Conrad, Gerald Mohr, Elliott and Cathy Lewis, Howard Duff, Doris Singleton, Betty Lou Gerson, and more. Hear them all in in twenty tense tales of crime, suspense, and fate!

Includes a Program Guide by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.

Episodes Include: Miracle on Forty-Ninth Street 12-31-45; Treasure Hunt 01-21-46; Murder in Haste 02-25-46; The Trigger Man 03-25-46; Three Times A Sinner 04-01-46; Terror Stricken 04-08-46; Smart Boy 04-15-46; The Waterford Case 04-22-46; The Judas Face 06-03-46; Quiet Sunday 06-10-46; Custom Built Blonde 07-15-46; Witness At The Fountain 09-09-46; The Brass Ring 09-16-46; Stranger In The House 09-23-46; Weak Sister 10-14-46; Masquerade 10-21-46; Backfire 10-28-46; The Deadly Penny 11-11-46; Next Year Is Mine 12-23-46; Murder on Rourke Island 12-30-46



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