Christmas On The Air

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Deck the halls and prop up the antenna -- because Christmas is on the air! Here come all of your radio favorites in a holly-wreathed collection of priceless holiday moments.

These classic episodes are accented with humor, tinged with adventure, and well-seasoned with all the good family feelings that fill our hearts during this season of the year! From Fibber McGee & Molly to Suspense, from Red Skelton to Marshal Matt Dillon, from Mr. Benny to St. Nick himself, tune in to ten full hours of seasonal entertainment!

Episodes Include: Fibber McGee & Molly: Ringing In The Holidays 12-23-41; Best Christmas Decoration 12-20-49. Gunsmoke: The Christmas Story 12-20-52. Suspense: Korean Christmas Carol 12-20-59. The Jack Benny Program: Setting Up Christmas Tree 12-21-52; Cactus Christmas Tree 12-20-53. Family Theater: Substitute Santa 12-11-47; Star of Wonder 12-26-51. The Great Gildersleeve: Christmas Gift For Fibber 12-21-41; Christmas Show 12-19-51. Radio Reader's Digest: The Only Wise Man 12-25-47. Philco Radio Time: Small One 12-22-48. Blondie: A Christmas Carol 12-25-39. The Aldrich Family: Christmas Show 12-23-48. Matinee Theater: A Stable In Bethlehem…Pennsylvania 12-24-944. This Is Your FBI: Return of St. Nick 12-22-50. Red Skelton: Christmas Trees 12-25-45. Bergen & McCarthy: Christmas Show (With Gary Cooper) 12-21-47. The Life of Riley: Christmas Bonuses 12-24-48. My Favorite Husband: Christmas Spirit 12-23-49



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