Colonel March of Scotland Yard – Volume 1

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Boris Karloff stars in his first television series as one-eyed Scotland Yard investigator Colonel March. One of the actor's favorite roles, March is a criminologist who specializes in bizarre crimes that defy logic and reason. The series, which ran in syndication from 1956 to 1957, was inspired by mystery author John Dickson Carr's book "The Department of Queer Complaints."

Co-starring with Karloff are several beautiful actresses recognizable to fans of 1950s horror films, including Dana Wynter (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and Patricia Owens (The Fly). Most of the episodes were directed by famed Hitchcock cinematographer Bernard Knowles (The 39 Steps, Sabotage).

Death And The Other Monkey: The Colonel suspects foul play when one of a group of research scientists conducting experiments on animals is killed.

Death In The Dressing Room: March believes that a murdered dancer was trying to identify her killer during her last performance.

The New Invisible Man: A retired major reports a homicide seemingly committed by an invisible man.

The Silver Curtain: March comes to the aid of an American student framed for murder on the French Riviera.



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