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Before “Christine,” another killer car screamed down the highways looking for blood in director Charles Band's deranged 1977 auto carnage creeper “Crash!”

Sue Lyon stars as Kim, an unfortunate lass who is perpetually abused by her miserable, much older professor husband Marc (Jose Ferrer) After being left an invalid by an accident he thinks his wife caused, Marc plots to murder his missus with the aid of a monstrous Doberman Pinscher. But after Kim buys him a mystical African trinket from a street vendor (played by Reggie Nalder), Marc's plans are foiled. Soon the vengeful spirit of his dead wife has possessed her convertible, flipping it into a fearsome four-on-the-floor fiend! Over-the-top action, bizarre plot twists, endless car chases, and enough crashes to fill five films combine in this vintage saga (shot by Andrew Davis). It is presented here fully remastered, uncut, louder and meaner than ever before! Buckle up for the weirdest ride of your life!

Bonus Features:

  • Audio commentary with director Charles Band & David DeCoteau
  • Original Vintage Trailer
  • Rare Carradine clips
  • Speed Demon: Crash Documentary
  • Full Moon Trailers



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