Bob Dylan: Roads Rapidly Changing

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In 1940, New York City was the center of activity for an emerging folk scene. Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie became pioneering figures in the redefinition of American Folk, penning their own material in the mold of the traditional tunes that had inspired them…using music and lyrics as a vessel for political commentary. But by the mid-1950s, ill-health plagued Guthrie and the post-WWII anti-communist hysteria almost put an end to Seeger's career. Folk refused to die, however, and by the late '50s a new breed of musicians were looking to the past for inspiration.

One such performer was Robert Allen Zimmerman of Minneapolis. Informed and influenced by Woody Guthrie, he had travelled east, hit the city, and the rest (as it is often said) is history. Naming himself “Bob Dylan,” the young musician quickly became known as the face of New American Folk. However, he was soon jumping ship and moving on. This film tells the story of Dylan's entry into and departure from the US Folk Revival, and features new interviews with many of the big players from the scene as it unfolded. Included here are rare performances, an abundance of timely footage, and numerous other features.

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