Robert Plant: Call The Tune

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A rock-icon during the late 1960s and 1970s, one would forgive Robert Plant had he sat back on his laurels following the 1980 demise of Led Zeppelin, and ever-after wallowed in past glories. But he is made of sterner stuff. With his ever-expanding musical pallet, he has travelled through a myriad of musical styles over the past 35 years - all of which have contributed to his current status as balladeering country troubadour.

This film follows Robert's incredible and on-going tour of musical styles, and acts as travelogue in its unique approach to documenting and reviewing a career that has been built on endless fascination, consistent experimentation, and a unique talent. The transformation of Plant’s musical discoveries into a popular contemporary form seems effortless. This film covers his pre-Zeppelin career, his years as front-man in that legendary act, and his ever extraordinary solo-career. It will delight anyone with even a passing interest in the great man. Rare footage, performance archives, recorded interviews, contributions from his closest collaborators, expert critique from the finest music writers, plus location film, news reports, seldom seen photographs, and a host of other features are included.



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