Babe Ruth Story

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George Herman Ruth (also known as “The Bambino” and “The Sultan of Swat”) was born on the waterfront streets of Baltimore in 1895. This DVD captures this legendary, fun-loving hero -- on and off the field -- with rare archival film.

His "stats" are as impressive today as they were then: a life time batting average of .342, 714 home runs (60 in 1927 alone), 2,213 runs-batted-in…and as a pitcher he had two 20 win seasons, and ended his career with an ERA of 2.28.

Babe's life was a roller-coaster, but that never bothered the fans (or the sportswriters). He was simply the greatest ballplayer who ever lived. No one provided more thrills to more people than The Babe.

After throat surgery in 1947, he said farewell to baseball in Yankee Stadium before a full house. He passed on at the age of 53 in 1948.

Bonus Features:

  • "Headin' Home" (55 minutes) – A 1920 silent film starring Babe Ruth as a small town boy who makes it big. A family must-see!
  • 1932 Babe Ruth confounds the Chicago Cubs.
  • 1939 Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.
  • 1940 Babe Ruth tells all.
  • 1942 Babe hits an upper-deck home run off of Walter Johnson.
  • 1961 Roger Maris breaks Babe Ruth's home run record.



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