Dragnet: The Big Rain

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Crime is everywhere in postwar Los Angeles -- and so is Sgt. Joe Friday.From robbery detail to the Bunco Squad, from narcotics to homicide, he's onthe job in radio's definitive police procedural series.

Jack Webb dons Friday's badge (number 714) for twenty real-life tales of crime and investigation -- with only the names changed to protect the innocent! Ben Alexander co-stars as partner Frank Smith. Also heard in these broadcasts are radio regulars Jack Kruschen, Georgia Ellis, Vic Perrin, Virginia Gregg, Stacy Harris, Peggy Webber, and more.

Includes a Program Guide by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.

Episodes Include: The Big Mask - Part 1 12-28-52; The Big Mask - Part 2 01-04-53; The Big Try 09-29-53; The Big Little Mother 10-06-53; The Big Plea 10-13-53; The Big Paint 10-20-53; The Big Fraud 10-27-53; The Big Rain 11-03-53; The Big Kid 11-10-53; The Big Little Jesus 12-22-53; The Big Cup 03-09-54; The Big Rod 03-16-54; The Big Mustache 03-23-54; The Big Mannequin 10-19-54; The Big Token 01-18-55; The Big Grab 06-21-55; The Big Bobo 07-19-55; The Big Sheet 08-02-55; The Big Missus 08-09-55; The Big Beer 08-16-55



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