Film Noir: Six Classic Soundtrack Albums

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Private Hell 36: Private Hell 36; Havana Interlude; Easy Mood; Daddy, Long Legs; Joshua; Lilli; Dance Of The Lilliputian; Private Blues. The Man With The Golden Arm; Clark Street-The Top/Homecoming/Antek's; Zosh; Frankie Machine; The Fix; Molly; Breakup-Flight/Louie's/Burlesque; Sunday Morning; Desperation; Audition; The Cure-Withdraw/Cold/Morning; Finale. Sweet Smell Of Success: Goodbye Baby; Cheek To Chico; Susan (The Sage); Sidney's Theme; Jonalah; Jam; Night Beat; Concerto Of Jazz Themes.Touch Of Evil: Main Title; Orson Around; Blue Pianola; Son Of Raunchy; Strollin' Blues; Borderline Montuna; Lease Breaker; Tana's Theme; Background For Murder; Rock Me To Sleep; Ku Ku; Reflection; The Big Drag. Odds Against Tomorrow: Skating In Central Park; No Happiness For Slater; A Social Call; Cue #9; A Cold Wind Is Blowing; Odds Against Tomorrow. Anatomy Of A Murder: Main Theme/Anatomy Of A Murderer; Flirtbird; Way Early Subtone; Hero To Zero; Low Key Lightly; Happy Anatomy; Midnight Indigo; Almost Cried; Sunswept Sunday; Grace Valse; Happy Anatomy; Haupe; Upper & Outest; Anatomy Of A Murder (Single Version)



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