Foo Fighters: Then and Now

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In the final two years of WWII, allied pilots began to report strange aerial objects flying alongside their aircraft. Were these hardened pilots hallucinating or mistaking weather patterns? Or were these sightings of extraterrestrial origin? Glowing balls ducked and dodged around their formations at high speed, some were even photographed or filmed. At the end of the war these mysterious interceptor sightings faded away to be replaced with their modern counterpart: the UFO.

The producers of the History's Greatest Warbirds TV series use their vast network of pilots and experts to uncover the likely truth and examine modern technology. Along with ufologist Anna Whitty, experienced and respected scientist Dr. David Hall researches the possible causes and explanations, enlisting a team of historians, meteorologists, pilots, and engineers. Ex-CIA agent and celebrity spoon-bender Uri Geller joins us as we lift the lid on the military side and the Black projects abound today. Physical causes, and even the most extreme possibility that we are being visited by aliens from another world or even another dimension are also investigated.

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