Great Radio Christmas

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You better not shout you better not cry you better not pout we're telling you why! A Great Radio Christmas is coming to town! Pour yourself an egg nog, break out the ribbon candy, and tune in for a whole stocking-full of radio favorites celebrating the holiday season.
These classic broadcasts bring you lots of laughs, lots of heart, and even a wintry dash of thrills, mystery, and adventure! From Chester A. Riley to Sgt. Joe Friday, radio's legends are waiting at your Christmas fireside!

Episodes Include: The Life of Riley: Christmas Bonuses From Mr. Stevenson 12-24-48; Father Knows Best: A Hans Christian Anderson Family Christmas 12-21-50; Escape: Back For Christmas 12-24-47; Suspense: Yuletide Miracle 12-17-61; The Jack Benny Program: Jack and Mary Go Christmas Shopping 12-19-43, Jack Buys Don Golf Tees For Christmas 12-17-50; Dragnet: The Big Missing 07-28-49; This Is Your FBI: The Innocent Santa Claus 12-21-51; The Jimmy Durante Show: Guest Margaret O'Brien Visits the North Pole 12-24-47; Family Theater: Blessed Are They 12-22-48; Casey, Crime Photographer: Christmas Shopping 12-19-46; Broadway's My Beat: Buddy Malpaugh and the Jeweled Scimitar 12-22-51; My Favorite Husband: George's Christmas Presents 12-16-49; The Great Gildersleeve: A Present For Kathryn 12-20-50; Bergen & McCarthy: Christmas Eve 12-24-44; Duffy's Tavern: Archie's Christmas Carol 12-21-45; Burns & Allen: Eddie Cantor Buys George a Gift 12-26-46; Red Skelton: The Little Christmas Tree 12-19-51; The Whistler: Letter From Cynthia 12-25-49; CBS Radio Workshop: All is Bright 12-23-56



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