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For over a thousand years, Rome was the center of the known world. One of the most glorious empires in history, she brought to her subjects a common language, shared culture, and (for some) wealth beyond imagination. But, nothing lasts forever. War, barbarian attacks, and moral decay eventually took their toll and the empire slowly began to crumble. This six-part series presents the complete history of Rome, from its primitive beginnings, to the height of its glory, eventual decline, and lasting legacies. Filmed in ten countries, location footage of ancient monuments is combined with detailed-re-enactments, period art writings, and insights from scholars and public figures. Includes extra bonus featurettes.


DVD 1:

The Rise - This program examines the legends surrounding the birth of the mighty Empire. Famous stories and myths come to life, including the story of Romulus and Remus. Rome's influence spreads throughout the Mediterranean as it grows from a primitive village into a republic based on democracy.

Legions of Conquest - The Romans were the most successful warriors in history, rising from an amateur citizens' army to develop into the formidable legions that conquered the Western world and beyond.

Seduction of Power - From the first peaceful elections to the corruption surrounding bids for total imperial rule, this story about the lust for power is filled with memorable characters, such as Julius Caesar, Augustus, and Caligula.

DVD 2:

Grasp of Empire - Rome built efficient cities and paved roads between them. But such progress came at a price. While Romans initially welcomed their conquered peoples into the Empire, they eventually began enslaving them.

The Cult of Order - Rome was once one of history's most tolerant religious societies. But with unrest amongst rulers, the Roman people took solace in what was (until then) a marginal religious cult: Christianity. When the Emperor Diocletian perceived his subjects' beliefs as a threat, he unleashed waves of persecution that left thousands dead.

The Fall - The Roman Empire is crumbling. As Romans distract themselves with endless games, their enemies draw nearer and social unrest threatens to reach a boiling point. Emperor Constantine moves the capital east to Constantinople, abandoning the Western Empire. Rome limps along for several more decades, her glory faded, but the civilization's spirit lives on.

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