Soul Team Six

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These bad brothers are on a roll and ready for action. Prepare for six films, packed full of swagger…and the biggest, baddest, and best dudes ever!

 THE BLACK SIX (1973 - Rated R)

When a black high school student is killed for dating a white girl, his older brother’s biker gang seeks to avenge the young man's death. Six professional football stars (including Gene Washington, Carl Eller, and 'Mean' Joe Greene) star in the first all-black biker film.

THE BLACK GESTAPO (1975 - Rated R)

When a group wants to save their neighborhood from the Mafia, they create a People's Army. Power struggles ensue when the second-in-command tries to take control of the squad. Rod Perry stars, along with Charles Robinson and Phil Hoover.

BLACK BRIGADE (1970 - Not Rated)

Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Williams, and Robert Hooks star in this film set during World War II. An African-American army company is given orders to destroy an important dam in German territory…but they have little combat experience and a prejudiced Captain. The group must find a way to fight the common enemy, help the Allies advance, and end the war.

BLACK FIST (1974 - Rated R)

Young Leroy Fisk is making his living on the streets of Los Angeles as a street fighter and working for a local mafia boss. After a big payday, he buys his own club…but faces swift retribution from the mob. Richard Lawson stars, along with Dabney Coleman and Philip Michael Thomas.


J.J. started on the streets and has worked his way up in the local crime scene. He is on the verge of running all of the action in the inner city. The mob still has a hold on the urban heroin trade, but J.J. hopes to shake that up. In fact, he and his gang decide it's an all-out war. Rod Perry stars, along with Damu King and Tony Burton.

FIGHTING MAD (1978 - Rated R)

An American soldier on his way home from Vietnam is betrayed and left for dead on a remote island. Rescued by two Japanese soldiers (who have been holding out since the end of WWII), he is nursed back to health and trained in the way of the samurai…allowing him to take bloody revenge on his tormentors. James Iglehart stars, along with Leon Isaac and Jayne Kennedy.

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