Warner Bros. Academy Awards Animation Collection: 15 Winners

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Here comes your Animation Dream Team...especially if your dreams are filled with rabbits and mice, a sailor man, and Superman. Stuffed with cartoon trendsetters like Tex Avery and Chuck Jones...and loaded with a mix of masters that includes Warner Bros., MGM and the Fleischer Studios. And, what’s more, each and every ’toon is on very cordial terms with a popular Golden Boy named Oscar®. This 15-cartoon set represents some of the best of the best from the vaults, an honored array featuring 15 Academy Award nominees in the Best Animated Short Subjects category. These clown jewels of classic-era cartooning are all collected here in this special collection.




  1. The Milky Way  
  2. Yankee Doodle Mouse  
  3. Mouse Trouble
  4. Quiet Please
  5. The Cat Concerto  
  6. Tweetie Pie  
  7. The Little Orphan  
  8. For Scent-Imental Reasons  
  9. So Much For So Little  
  10. Two Mouseketeers  
  11. Johann Mouse
  12. Speedy Gonzales
  13. Birds Anonymous
  14. Knighty-Knight Bugs  
  15. The Dot And The Line  



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